Inclusive Leadership for Our Global Village

New Ways of Living, Learning and Leading in Diverse Communities

Inclusion is a Door: Your Free E-Booklet

YOUR FREE GIFT: To thank you for discovering Inclusive Leadership Online Education! Inclusion is a doorway into new ways of living, learning and leading in our diverse communities based on embracing social diversity and biodiversity.

Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

Join with champions of diversity & inclusion from around the world in exploring new ways of living, learning, and leading in our diverse communities. Self paced Learning, a Vibrant Discussion Forum, Experiential Online Education begins Jan 25 2020

How to Facilitate "Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential"

Jan 11 2020: This valuable resource IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It will soon be available for educators who want to facilitate Inclusive Leadership Education in your schools, organizations and communities.

E-Book of Inclusive Leadership Discoveries

Each downloadable photo-story in this inspiring E-book is a treasure-trove of ways Inclusive Leaders around the world are transforming ourselves and our communities by embracing diversity and inclusion.

Heart to Heart Cafe

Join new & experienced Inclusive Leaders for compassionate conversations about diversity and inclusion challenges and celebrations . First Saturday of each month 10 am to 11:30 am Pacific Time. No fee for this drop-in gathering.

Part 2: Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

PART 2: Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential is for everyone who has participated in Part 1. Part 2 explores Compassionate Communication, Anti-Discrimination First Aid and Stages of Change Action Planning