Inclusive Leadership Practice Group

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About this course.

The Inclusive Leadership Practice Group

Our weekly, co-facilitated Inclusive Leadership Practice Group is for Inclusive Leaders everywhere who have experienced Inclusive Leadership and want to continue cultivating your Inclusive Leadership skills. This is your opportunity to share deeply with 8 to 12 new and experienced Inclusive Leaders from diverse backgrounds. Together we will explore, share, practice and apply Inclusive Leadership skills.

Time Commitment:

  • Two hours per week for eight weeks 8 am to 10 am Pacific Time beginning Thursday, January 18 until Thursday March 8, 2018
  • Two to four hours of online orientation activities to complete at your own pace before  January 18.
  • One-half hour per week of participating in our Inclusive Leadership Practice Group Discussion Forum.
We will:
  • Connect across time, space and diversity with other caring and courageous Inclusive Leaders 
  • Mentor each other in cultivating and practicing our skills for Connecting With Differences, Communicating With Compassion, standing up for inclusion and Building Bridges to inclusive and life-enriching communities.
  • Support each other to develop and carry out personal action plans for the vital roles we each have to play in living, learning and leading in our diverse communities.

If you are asking any of these questions, then our Inclusive Leadership Online Practice Group is for you.

  • How can I connect with other Inclusive Leaders from around the world who desire to have meaningful, purposeful, hopeful conversations living, learning and leading in our diverse communities?
  • How can I help transform the places I am learning, working, or volunteering into teams enriched and strengthened by our different attitudes, abilities, personalities, communication styles, knowledge, and other differences?
  • What can I do when differences become confusing, complex, conflicted and dis-connected?
  • How can I shift from stress, overwhelm and disconnection to appreciation. care and connection?
  • How can I get feedback from trusted mentors about the challenges that have come up in my life when trying to become a more skilled and thoughtful Inclusive Leader?

The choice to meet with new and experienced Inclusive Leadership to practice Inclusive Leadership together is a positive, life-enriching, hopeful challenge to choose.

Each week we will focus on one or more Inclusive Leadership skills for.

  • Relaxing.
  • Connecting With Differences.
  • Communicating With Compassion.
  • Responding to situations of discrimination with Anti-Discrimination First Aid.

Each meeting we will share leadership in practicing the Building Bridges steps of.

  • Networking.
  • Gathering together as equals.
  • Building relationships and community.
  • Building skills and awareness
  • Action planning
  • Preparing for follow up.

We will encourage and support each other to create and follow through on our Personal Action Plans for putting Inclusive Leadership into practice in our diverse communities.

By thinking globally and acting locally, we will forge inclusive solutions together! 

How to Enroll in this Course.

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative runs on the spirit-of-generosity with people paying what we can comfortably afford. Read through the pricing choices below and decide:

  • Is the fee of $70 CAD (aprox $50 USD) affordable for you?
  • Can you afford to "pay it forward" by paying $140 CAD (aprox $100 USD) to pay for yourself and sponsor another person?
  • Do you require a half sponsorship of $35 CAD ($25 USD)?
  • Do you require a full sponsorship? (Full sponsorships are available to anyone who faces financial barriers. If you are willing to invest your time, we are  more than willing to invest in you!). Email:

Are you ready to connect across time, space and diversity with other caring and courageous Inclusive Leaders in a weekly Practice Group?

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Outcomes of participating in the Inclusive Leadership Practice Group.

“I have learned that being an Inclusive Leader is about being more rather than always trying to do more and accomplish more. Instead of so much doing, I am slowing down to the speed of wisdom by deepening the quality of my leadership in my circles of influence.” (Harriet Greenwood, England). 

“Everything I learn and practice in the Inclusive Leadership Practice Group, I take to my relationships with my family and to the children, youth, mentors, elders and other leaders in my community.” (Lillie Lentz, BC).

"Strength lies in differences. Acknowledging our differences is the way to ensure continuous progress in every aspect of our lives. With growing participants across the globe, Inclusive Leadership has become a community of diversity, acceptance, kindness, & support for one another. (Joshuam Amponsem, Ghana).

“As I become more connected with practicing Inclusive Leadership, I find that when I encounter a situation that challenges me, I have some little reminder thought-bubbles lighting up in my head such as, ‘If you were curious about this what would this look like?’ or ‘If you were accepting about this, what would this look like?"  (Sarah Mathison, Ontario).

 “The more I practice being my whole self by showing up at my Inclusive Leadership Practice Group, the more skilled I becoming at travelling from circle to circle, connecting with strangers and becoming visible to my potential allies.” (Janice Milnerwood,Quebec).

“Through Inclusive Leadership Online, I have learned how to listen compassionately and to talk peacefully with people about what really really matters to me: People I love and know and people I don't know well ." (April Vance, BC).

"I am honoured to have met you all, and am grateful for the invitation to practice these resplendent and life sustaining skills. The outcome of beginning this journey of possibilities and opportunities is JOY. It has been my pleasure." (Claudia Galea, BC).

Inclusive Leadership Co-operative
Inclusive Leadership Co-operative

About the instructor

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative (ILC) is a non-profit community service association based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada that provides community-based diversity education for people from diverse generations, cultures and communities. We prepare participants to live, learn and lead more inclusively by embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich the world. Click here to take a look at our ILC website.

We guide new and experienced Inclusive Leaders to share leadership in educating each other about our interconnected diversity challenges while nurturing and mentoring Inclusive Leadership skills for:

  • Building Bridges of equality
  • Connecting With Differences
  • Communicating With Compassion
  • Standing up for inclusion with Anti-Discrimination First Aid.

The outcome of practicing Inclusive Leadership is contributing actively to safety, respect, justice, and peace in your diverse community.

"This is the best experience I've got in Canada. It's should join the Inclusive Leadership Program!" (Mohammad Binaz, International Student from India)

The ILC's Inclusive Leadership Online courses and practice groups are deeply rooted in fifteen years of experiential Inclusive Leadership education with several thousand professionals, students, volunteers and other leaders from Vancouver Island, other parts of BC, Canada and the world. The ILC is adapting our renowned experiential education workshops and weekend retreats into a series of interactive, online courses enhanced by live video gatherings. 

Inclusive Leadership for our Global Village is quickly becoming a lively, vibrant mutual mentoring hub for authentic Inclusive Leaders who are connecting across time, space and diversity with other caring and courageous Inclusive Leaders around the world.

"Kudos on making your work internationally accessible.  So pleased this interesting and necessary initiative is combining social and environmental. Long overdue. Love that you have integrated a comprehensive inclusive approach to everything including registration fees. Your values shine through it all."  (Vickie Cammack and Al Etmanski, Social Innovations that Spread from the Margins to the Mainstream)

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