Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

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About this course.

Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential

Join Dr. Linda Hill and a team of skilled and experienced Inclusive Leaders on this guided quest to your personal action plan for living, learning and leading in your diverse community. This voyage of discovery will introduce students, professionals and volunteers to Inclusive Leadership as one of the essential adventures of our time. 

When.1-2 hours of online orientation activities to complete at your own pace before  January 23.  3-4 hours per week self paced online learning January 23 to March 16, 2018.

Where. Participate from anywhere in the world via your computer.

"Our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges are interconnected, and together we can forge inclusive solutions." (Earth Charter)

Are you asking any of these questions? If so, this course is YOUR opportunity to Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential.

  • How can I get more involved in exploring, sharing and celebrating diversity and inclusion?
  • How can I build my skills to become more inclusive in my leadership? 
  • What can I do about prejudice, discrimination and other forms of social and environmental injustice?
  • How can I guide children, youth or adults at school, work or in a community-setting to shift from exclusion to inclusion?
  • How can I share leadership more effectively at work, school, or a place I volunteer?
  • How can I live, learn and lead in ways that bring out the best in everyone's differences?

With the field of Inclusive Leadership as your map and the international Earth Charter as your global compass, you will soon find yourself "In the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms" where "we are one human family and one Earth community".

After your orientation module, you will embark on an eight week quest beginning January 23, 2018. We will guide you to visit four inclusive and welcoming destinations where you will participate in experiential Inclusive Leadership education activities. You will leave each destination with a souvenir Inclusive Leadership skill to develop and practice.

All along the way, you will meet many other new and experienced Inclusive Leaders who are also discovering their potential to transform the places they live, learn and lead by embracing diversity. 

Through experiential education, journaling and a compassionate discussion forum you will explore, share and celebrate your own and everyone's diversity as gifts that enrich our online community and the wider world.

You will participate in an Action Planning festival where you will explore where you are and where you want go in your Inclusive Leadership development. Then we will guide you through an action planning process that is matched to your personal stage of being the changes you want to see in yourself and your community. 

Our stages-of-change approach makes action planning relevant and motivating. You will create your own plan that integrates your Inclusive Leadership potential with your passions and concerns. Your Inclusive Leadership Action plan will be positive, possible and practical for you!

Once you have designed your own plan, You will have an opportunity to consult with other Inclusive Leaders in appreciative and affirmative ways.  This feedback will prepare you to chart your way forward as you prepare to integrate your plan into your daily life of living, learning and leading in your diverse community.

"Every individual, family, organization, and community has a vital role to play." (Earth Charter)

During the final week you will be able to participate in an appreciation circle that will affirm and support all that you have discovered about yourself as an Inclusive Leader. 

You will leave your quest well prepared for living, learning and leading in your diverse community in ways that are realistic and inspiring for you.

When you complete your quest you will have.

  • Learned with and from many other Inclusive Leaders
  • Had a guided tour of all four corners of the field of Inclusive Leadership.
  • Explored the international Earth Charter as your guiding compass for thinking globally and acting locally
  • Created your personal Inclusive Leadership action plan that is positive, possible and practical for you to carry out in your own time and your own way.
  • Charted your way forward in realizing your potential for living, learning and leading inclusively in your diverse community. 
  • Received your participation certificate logging 40 hours of Inclusive Leadership development.

You will leave this course with inspiration, understanding and confidence in yourself as an Inclusive Leader in our world that has become a Global Village. 

“Let ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new reverence for life, the firm resolve to achieve sustainability, the quickening of the struggle for justice and peace, and the joyful celebration of life”. (Earth Charter).

How to Enroll in this Course.

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative runs on the spirit of generosity with people paying what we can each comfortably afford. Read through the pricing choices below and decide.

  • Is the fee of $70 CAD (aprox $50 USD) is affordable for you?
  • Can you afford to "pay it forward" by paying $140 CAD (aprox $100 USD) to pay for yourself and sponsor another person?
  • Do you require a half sponsorship of $35 CAD (aprox $25 USD)?
  • If you require a full sponsorship in order to participate in this course simply email your request to (So long as you are willing to invest your time and energy into Inclusive Leadership we are willing to invest in sponsoring you!)

Outcomes of Participating in Discover Your Inclusive Leadership Potential.

“This material is excellent for using in workshops, classrooms, facilitation settings and more!  I look forward to integrating this materials into my work and volunteer services”.  

“I too was attracted to "Doing What I Love" [action planning] and found it so helpful to have the guidance and the questions to help articulate it.  It definitely allowed me to pause and reflect and writing it down made it solidify in my soul!  Gosh - I am LOVING this course! and  I can see how after taking some action, and then reflecting, my plan can change and morph and hopefully gain even more clarity.”  

"I enjoyed the interactions, connections and everyones stories during this online course.  Many of the key learnings that will stick with me after this online course is communicating with compassion and the best ways to interact with others in every situation, whether it is good or bad situation, but knowing the best approach"

I enjoyed how the various participants became so dear and REAL although I have not met all of them personally, the sharing throughout the course definitely creates bonds.

"I appreciate the positive way the facilitators have dealt with our very different learning styles and sometimes hesitations to complete or "do" certain aspects of the activities.  There always seemed to be something that one could ddi to feel empowered rather than defeated.  Particularly the action planning part...I loved that!

We look forward to seeing you in the course!

"I am ready to Join Dr. Linda Hill and a team of skilled and experienced Inclusive Leaders on this guided quest to my personal action plan for living, learning and leading in my diverse community!"

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Course Curriculum

Inclusive Leadership Co-operative
Inclusive Leadership Co-operative

About the instructor

The Inclusive Leadership Co-operative (ILC) is a non-profit community service association that provides community-based diversity education for people from diverse generations, cultures and communities. We prepare participants to live, learn and lead by embracing the diversity in all living beings as gifts that enrich the world. We guide new and experienced Inclusive Leaders to share leadership in educating each other about our interconnected diversity challenges while nurturing and mentoring Inclusive Leadership skills for:

  • building bridges of equality
  • connecting with differences
  • communicating with compassion
  • standing up for inclusion with Anti-Discrimination First Aid.

The outcome of practicing Inclusive Leadership is contributing actively to safety, respect, justice, and peace in your diverse community.

"This is the best experience I've got in Canada. It's should join the Inclusive Leadership Program!" (Mohammad Binaz, International Student from India)

The ILC's Inclusive Leadership Online courses and practice groups are deeply rooted in fifteen years of experiential Inclusive Leadership education with several thousand professionals, students, volunteers and other leaders from Vancouver Island, other parts of BC, Canada and the world. The ILC is adapting our renowned experiential education workshops and weekend retreats into a series of interactive, online courses enhanced by live video gatherings. 

Inclusive Leadership for our Global Village is quickly becoming a lively, vibrant mutual mentoring hub for authentic Inclusive Leaders who are connecting across time, space and diversity with other caring and courageous Inclusive Leaders around the world.

"I am ready to Join Dr. Linda Hill and a team of skilled and experienced Inclusive Leaders on this guided quest to my personal action plan for living, learning and leading in my diverse community!"

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